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"Turn your passion, into a profession..."


This 1 Day Make-up Masterclass is suitable across the stylist spectrum, for not only the ambitious beginner but also the insightful intermediate. The Academy does not require any entry requirements, as the course is designed to share inside tip & tricks needed by any professional make-up artist or those learning for personal self application.

With our specialist training, mentoring, business advice and guidance we have been commended time and time again for our high volume of student success stories.


All courses are taught directly by Gina Badhen. With limited student spaces for each course we are able to cater to a one to one intimate teaching experience.


Your tutor will use a range of different make-up products each teaching day to create class demo looks.

Over 20 different make-up brands and colours are available for students to use and work with during the course of the working week.


Course Schedule: 


11am – 6pm. (7 Hours Teaching total)


First half of the day will be theory and live make-up demonstrations by your tutor Gina Badhen.


Second half of the day student will practise 1 full look or 2 half looks from the demonstrations they learnt earlier in the day. Gina will be present to assist and guide the student as they learn to develop their make-up knowledge and skills.


Certificate of completion will be accredited to you at the end of the class.

$50 Make-up and Beauty Gift bag Complimentary will be given at the end of the class.

Location: North London

Price: £500

Private 1:1 Make-up Course


This will range from various brands of concealers, foundations, setting and finishing powders to cater to different skin types, tones and textures. Your tutor will go into deep theory and practical knowledge on the best products needed to create a flawless finish for dewy, matte, velvet, satin and glass skin looks.

This will also include the best products and techniques needed to give your client a skin analysis according to the best textured product for them, including: liquid, cream and mouse based products for a flawless filter finish that will last 16hours + Contour and highlight techniques will be taught to suit different face shapes. Learning how to contour and shape your clients face to disguise a small lips to look fuller, double chin, hooked / or bumped nose and larger forehead. Real life model will also be used to showcase how to work best with: pigmentation, uneven skin tones, acne, dry / oily or dull skin.


This will range from various brands of eye shadow products with a matte, shimmer, glitter and gloss finish. Suitable eye shadow shapes and colours to create the illusion of the perfect almond eye shape. Your tutor will teach you how to create bigger, feline shape eyes and disguise hooded eyes to suit and accentuate your client's eye colour, hair colour, skin tone and face shape. The use of lashes and knowledge of how different shapes will help sculpt your client's eye shape and face.

What Looks Will I Learn?

Students will learn 2 in depth looks in total.

Students have the choice to pick out of the following options:

Celebrity Signature Soft Glam Make-up



Gina Badhen is known for her stunning signature red carpet glam make-up look on celebrity super stars like: American stars: Cardi B, Cassie and Middle East star; Maya Diab. Learn Gina's secrete to creating the most sought after make-up style for perfect photo finish foundation and ultra HD glow without flashback. Creating the feline, big bright eye shapes using careful eyeshadow and blending techniques. A step by step practical guidance and demonstrations of how to create the glamorous beauty and fashion look.


Asian Bridal Make-up 


This demonstration is dedicated to the highly sought-after bridal make-up looks. This covers glitter/shimmers and their application techniques while working with textures and high colour pigments in order to create vibrant impact. Learning the most up to date make-up trends and styles. Gina is known for her flawless filter finish make-up for the perfect bridal look using the most up to date nude, orange, peach and pink colour tones. Gina will demonstrate the best make-up products and techniques to ensure the bridal make-up lasts 16+ hours and looks flawless in person, on camera and feels light weight full coverage.

Turkish Bridal Make-up

For a bride who appreciates her natural beauty, but wants to add something extra on her wedding day, natural or soft glam bridal makeup can be an ideal choice. This is typically a light to medium natural foundation base to give you enough coverage to last hours, while still highlighting your natural beauty.  There are a few different ways you can put this look together, but usually, it means focusing your glam in one area of your face, with natural bases to complement these features. That could mean a lighter base with a corner smokey eye to make your eyes pop. Or you could choose to keep your eyes softer and go for a bolder medium foundation with a contour to emphasize your cheekbones. Natural glam is a perfect middle ground if “no makeup” makeup is too subtle for your big day, but full glam with a strong contour, bold lips, and glitter everywhere isn’t your style. It’s all about looking effortless while being a slightly more glamorous and put-together version of your natural self.


Middle Eastern Bridal Make-up

Brown / Black smokey eye and transition gradient eyeliner influenced makeup. You will learn detailed application techniques for vibrant make up looks, introducing colour powders and cream textures to a matte and wet look eye shadow finish. Also covering the popular smokey eye & middle eastern influenced styles created using different techniques including cream shadows, pigments, black track and the art of blending according to specific brushes. Learn how to create flawless almond shaped bright eyes, and feline finishes with lifted and sculpted face symmetry. Learn how to create Gina's real life flawless filter skin that lasts up to 18+ hours and looks breathtaking in both photographs and in person.


Problematic Skin - Transformational Before / After Make-up


This transformational make-up look is dedicated to REAL LIFE skin and features. The chosen model will have acne / discolouration to showcase the best products and techniques to disguise with a natural finish.



Product knowledge and best buys available

Flawless Foundation & Concealer & Under eye baking / setting

How to create gradient blushed and under eye brightening without lines

How to create lasting dewy skin

Colour correcting (dark circles/patches, redness & scarring)

Eyeshadow blending / Creating almond shape eyes

Illusion of bigger feline shaped eyes

Perfecting your eyeliner flick

Working with glitter eyeshadows & pigment - best ways to mix and blend lasting textures

Contour, Sculpting & Highlighting

Nose contour / Face lifting and sculpting for all shapes and sizes

Blusher & Bone structure

Colours to suit your skin shade

Eye-brow grooming

Individual and Strip Lash application

The perfect pout! Learning to correct way to overline lips to create bigger looking lips


Learn How to capture Social Media photos like the pros..


Gina shares her own inside tips and tricks on how to take the perfect Instagram picture and video to promote your make-up work, brand your business aesthetic, and increase maximum exposure to increase your following and clientele. 


Learn the art of lighting, and the difference between using natural light and artificial light.

How to frame, pose and set up your client with the best backdrop in order to take the perfect picture in quick timing.


A tutorial on how to utilise your smart phone like a professional camera and retouch images using the best app tools.

A product list of the best mobile lighting and portable camera will be given to purchase.


Gina will sit with you personally and write a kit list of all the products you need and the best places to buy at discounted rate and rare finds.

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"International Make-up Artist and beauty coach Gina Badhen has shared her secrets with us and it's only fair we pass them on to you..' The Daily Mail

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