Terms & Conditions

Deposits are non-refundable. However, a deposit can be transferred to the next available course provided a minimum of 6 weeks notice to course start date is given. This is only at the discretion of the Academy, as it is their final decision.

Should a student fail to attend a confirmed course or complete the course for any reason (such as illness, personal problems, change of location etc), no refunds of deposits or fees will be made, and no transfer of course dates will take place.​

The Academy reserves the right to re-schedule the course dates or location at anytime and no refund will be payable.
Course fees will not be refunded should a course be cancelled or interrupted through an act of natural disaster or a terrorist act 

Students will not be accepted on course commencement date if full balance of course has not been paid. 


Students should arrive on time or contact the Academy at the earliest opportunity if they expect to be late.
The Academy reserves the right to withhold certification to students without regular attendance or the minimum required standard.
Time off for religious holidays, booked holidays, planned weddings, medical appointments etc. must be discussed and agreed before application. We recommend that all absence be avoided where possible.
Students must notify the Academy of any medical conditions or special requirements they may have.
Students leaving personal belongings at the Academy is at their own risk. The Academy accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage.


Students are able to transfer over to the next available course at the discretion and decision of the Academy availability.

Students should not remove any materials from the Academy without prior consent.
Theft of academy property is not tolerated and will result in expulsion with no money being returned.
Any damage to Academy property or studio premises caused by the student will be chargeable.
All facilities should be left in an acceptable state.

Aggressive, malicious or derogatory physical or verbal abuse towards a student or teacher will result in explosion without a refund.

This is applicable during the course and outside, after or prior to the course. Abusive, bullying or threatening behaviour towards the course mentor, staff or student online or in class will result in a termination, asking the student to leaven he course without a refund or gift bag. Or if this behaviour occurs after the course by a student, they will not receive their gift bag pending.

Any causes of concern by a student must be reported to the Academy within 14 days of the incident or last course teaching date. This is due to valid information being recalled and investigated. Any discrepancies or concerns reported after this time period will be deemed invalid. 

Certificate provided is under the guidelines of the website advertising. The certificate provided is an acknowledgment of attendance per student that has been taught  by Gina Badhen. This certificate will qualify students as professional senior make-up artists to join The Gina Badhen Agency.

Make-up Gift bags are given to all students to the value of £250. Gift Bags are to be checked on the day they are received by a student. If any replacements are needed they will be done on the day not after the Gift bag has been taken from the Academy.

Discount cards are subject to availability according to the discretion of the make-up brand or website source. All information provided by the Academy is to our best knowledge we have been given by the source that offers our students the discount cards.

Students are invited to join the Gina Badhen Agency after the 5 Day Course has been completed subject to the assessment of their behaviour and performance during the course. By enrolling on to the 5 Day Pro Course this does not guarantee that you will be a represented Agency or Team member.

All student's enrolling on to the course are in agreement of these terms & conditions when their payment has been made.

Bridal Bookings

Deposit must be secured via bank transfer or paypal to secure a booking date.

Final payment is due via bank transfer or paypal 7 days in advance to the booking date, or if otherwise instructed via email or invoice.

Deposits are non refundable if a booking is amended or cancelled by the client.

Booking times are to be agreed prior to the booking, and any over time that is not agreed will be charged at £100 per hour per artist. 

Destination Brides are to agree food and any hotel / travel allowance prior to the booking.

There will be no refunds at any time. If for any reason said artist is unavailable a replacement will be allocated to your booking.